Dayton Dude Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Is a Different Shade of Grey

by Daniel Patrascu from A body in Audi Daytona grey instead of the omnipresent Nardo grey, and a number of technical enhancements were all it took to transform this Harley-Davidson Fat Boy into a stunning, light-absorbing motorcycle. The customized motorcycle we have in the gallery above is the work of a Germany-based Harley custom bike builder by the name of Thunderbike. Established in the 1980s, the group was at first in the business of repairing mostly Japanese bikes, but made a switch to customizing Harley a couple of decades ago. Their projects, which often come as Harley-based conversions, but at times include custom frame builds, have been around since the early 2000s, and the experience gained during these years shows. This Fat Boy, called in Thunderbike speak Dayton Dude, is the newest model in the customization range. As most others, it features tons of custom parts, ranging from the most visible ones like the front and rear fenders to the smallest, like the turn signal and handlebar. The motorcycle rides on bicolor-finish wheels, sized 21 inches at the front and 18 inches at the rear. To make sure all can admire the construction of the rear one, a pulley brake system has been used. Another functional enhancement made to the Fat Boy is the air ride suspension kit that helps manage the distance between the steel fender and the rear tire. All these new parts (the entire list of modification made can be found at this link) would probably have looked good anyway, but the light-absorbing matte hue on them and the Audi Daytona grey chosen to dress other parts of the bike make the entire build appear stunning. The builders of the Dayton Dude describe the motorcycle as “one of the most harmonious Fat Boy conversion concepts from […]

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