The Bros Bikernet Weekly News for September 1, 2022

Nothing But Fun…. Get-in on it, only at What can I say, we have tons of inspirational quotes in the news this week. We have friends and old outlaws visiting from the coast. We ate at Scott Jacobs restaurant in Deadwood last night. Scott has been a licensed artist for Harley-Davidson for 32 years. Tomorrow we are having a gang over to discuss choppers and winter builds. We discussed the Sturgis Hall of Fame for next year. I just wish the whole world could have as much fun and as many bros as us grubby bikers. Hang on for the next report, and in the meantime ride free forever. –Bandit CLICK Here to Read the Weekly News – only on * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Not to mention, we have the Bandit’s Bad Joke Library, H-D Homecoming Rally news, AMA Hall of Fame Bike Night 2022, a song for your ol’ lady, and neXt will be another Girl of Bikernet Feature headed to the Cantina JOIN THE BANDIT’S CANTINA, click to see benefits & free swag

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