Vanishing Breed of gear-heads

In a few years if a collector wants to keep the old stuff running he may have problems Photos and text by Bill May The cars and motorcycles of today run awesome and last a long time, but they do nothing for me. People who can work on those old engines are few and far between. We are a vanishing breed. In a few years if a collector wants to keep the old stuff running, he will have to get out the old manuals and train some young guy with an aptitude for it. Me, I’m just going to keep flying down the road on my old bikes and my ‘34 Ford. CLICK HERE To Read this Feature Article only on Join the Cantina for more – Subscribe Today.

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2001 Sportster Fix

From Banged-Up to Hot Rod with S&S, Pingel and Suspension Technologies This story started in the ‘60s when Zack tried to buy his first Harley, a Knucklehead with his dad. Zack, still a teenager was already roaming the streets looking for action. He knew a chopper had to be a major portion of the picture. He found a guy, who said he had a basket case for cheap. Zack was pumped, but his dad went along for morale support. They entered this old biker’s garage on the east side of Detroit, and his dad immediately spotted piles of junk parts. The garage was scattered with parts and pieces. It was a mess, when the old coot led them to a dark area under a stairwell, where a bunch of parts and pieces were stacked under an oil-soaked canvas tarp. READ THIS ARTICLE ON BIKERNET – CLICK HERE Join the Cantina – Subscribe Now

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