100 WFC: Lane Splitting for Life

100 word fiction contest continues…. #100WFC image courtesy Motoblogn Lane Splitting for Life by Bandit She called during rush hour in Phoenix. Hot enough to melt asphalt, Mudd straddled his Dyna and slid into traffic. Had to get to his pregnant girl on time. Only one thing to do, twist his throttle to the stops. Lane splitting still wasn’t legal. Mudd didn’t care, as he tore between frustrated, honking drivers. Taking out a sideview mirror, he nearly went down. Police sirens blared. Angry motorists cut him off. An accident ahead stopped all movement. He kept his throttle pegged as he darted onto the Highway winding into Scottsdale. He squinted against the glare, braked, screamed, screeched but made it in the nick of time. * * * * * * * * Yup, its a weekly contest open to all. Just sign up for the free weekly newsletter by clicking here. Then email us your 100 word limit fiction to the editor wayfarer@bikernet.com

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Ultimate Sportster Tech of the Day

It’s evil April 5th, 2022, on the Streets of Long Beach, Califa by Bandit A brother from Long Beach, California can’t leave his 1950 Chevy truck alone and somehow it involved a Sportster gas tank. On top of that he’s been helping other Sportster riders with their clutch lever pull problems. Recently, Jeremiah challenged Zack to a race on Anaheim Boulevard near the Port of Los Angeles. At 68 years of age Zack found himself flying at over 100 mph in his Mini-Cooper S, the last year with a factory Supercharger, on a boulevard packed with semis and potholes next to the richest harbor in the country. He beat the younger man’s silver Dyna, and fortunately the cops in Long Beach can’t ticket him. CLICK HERE To Read this Photo Feature Adventure only on Bikernet.com Join the Cantina for more exclusive Action on streets, highways, beaches, hills, dirt tracks – Subscribe Today!!!

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CBD, 2,000 Mile Run to Daytona Bikeweek 2022 and Back

Snow, Ice, Waffle House Run, and plenty more adventures by Prince Najar Twice a year I make a run to Daytona and Sturgis to co-produce the Flying Piston Benefit Builders Breakfast with Marilyn Stemp, Managing Editor of Iron Trader News. My first big decision concerning the trip was Sporty or DYNA? Packing for Daytona – After each run of over 700 miles, I made a list of needed shit and how my equipment performed. Click Here to Read this Photo Feature Adventure to Daytona Subscribe to the Cantina for 25 years of Riding Fast & Free

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V-Twin Visionary Smoky Mountain Tour is Here

by Mark Masker from https://vtwinvisionary.com The V-Twin Visionary Smoky Mountain Tour makes landfall this week at Smoky Mountain H-D! Experience four days of the world’s best motorcycle riding. Enjoy real-deal Tennessee barbecue and some of the best Southern rock bands around. And of course there’s all the riding to be done in the surrounding beauty of the Smoky Mountains. Additionally, Tour and VIP passes are on sale now. Both get you into the big show and come with their own perks. When you’re done and ready to chow down and drink up, Smoky Mtn H-D and The Shed Smokehouse has you covered, too. They’re the basecamp for the big party. Check out the latest and greatest P&A from our sponsors while you’re here, too. More details on the V-Twin Visionary Smoky Mountain Tour to come in the weeks following.

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Custom Harley-Davidson Dyna

by Daniel Patrascu from https://www.autoevolution.com There are countless customized Harley-Davidson motorcycles out there, spread across almost a century and the many bike families the Milwaukee company has been making. But if there’s one bike that could probably be worthy of more exposure on the custom motorcycle scene, then that’s the Dyna. Born in the 1990s as a new platform for the Evolution engine, the family was around for about two decades, being pushed aside in 2018 when the new line of Softails came onto the scene. So yes, we’re talking about a rather new machine, and that could explain why shops are not all that crazy about it yet. Then again, the V-Rods are rather new as well, and we get plenty of those, especially from over in Europe, so who knows. If there is one shop that likes Dynas more than others, that’s Bad Land. Coming from the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan, Bad Land is one of the most active custom motorcycle garages on the market. The Dyna you’re looking at now was shown back in 2019. It’s official name is Hermosa x dios, and it has nothing to do Spain. The name was probably chosen for impact, given how hermosa is Spanish for beautiful, and dios stands for god. The bike is radically different from stock, and you get a sense of that as soon as it comes into view. There’s a huge 21-inch tire up front, wearing a slim tire, and a tiny-by-comparison 15-inch one at the rear, though wearing a massive 230 wide tire that makes all the difference between the two irrelevant. Put together with the same attention to detail Bad Land has gotten us used to by now, the Dyna packs a wealth of other custom parts, including a new fork, headlight,

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Chain conversion kits for Harley Sportsters & Dynas

Belts are for pants! Check Out Lowbrow Customs motorcycle parts and accessories at https://www.lowbrowcustoms.com/ We have been making chain conversion kits to replace the rear drive belt on ’94 & later Sportsters and Dynas for many years. Since then, other companies have started making kits as well… But not all chain conversion kits are created equal! Check out the reviews to see what customers think. Oh, did we mention our chain conversions are 100% USA-made? Check out our 1994-2003 Sportster chain conversion how-to (Click Here) or Rusty Butcher’s Lowbrow chain conversion install video (Click Here) and follow along at home! The process is straight-forward and pretty much the same across Sportster or Dyna and various year ranges. Never fear, if you have any questions, we are always here to offer motorcycle technical support! CLICK TO Shop Chain Conversion Kits. PS – In addition to chain conversion kits, we have a wide array of top-quality rear chains for your motorcycle! (Click Here) Spring has freakin’ sprung, get your bike dialed in and hit the road!

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Custom Cycle Engineering Heavy Duty Dyna Mounts

The Rear One Installed on the Tileman’s 2009 by Bandit, Tim and the Tileman Dynas are tricky and handling is key. They are more popular now than ever and the later units were tougher with a new frame, 49mm front ends and cast swingarms. That’s the way to go, but it’s also, especially with big inch twin cam engines, tougher on the stock motor mounts, which are handling keys. If you feel your bike being pulled to the left or to the right, there’s a very good chance you power train is out of alignment. And guess what, there’s not much you can do about that with your current set up. Until now…. CCE designed all our motor mounts with adjustable links and brackets. With measurement tools you know exactly where the motor needs to be for perfect alignment. You may have also experienced vibration and need to replace broken motor mounts. We’ve addressed these issues as well. We’ve cut no corners and have created the very best motor mounts on the market. All made right here in the USA. CLICK HERE TO READ THIS TECH ARTICLE ON BIKERNET Join the Cantina – Subscribe Today https://www.bikernet.com/pages/custom/subscription.aspx

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Dyna Defender or FXDP Saddlebag Installation Review

So, I received the Villain 2 Hero bags, this set is either for the next gen Dyna’s or possibly just a change? They bolted right up but were pretty close to the new Progressive shocks. I sent the vendor some images and he suggested drilling a second hole to raise them up some. I had noticed but of course I had already taken it out briefly, so my new shocks have marks on them now. READ THE TECH TIPS IN THE CANTINA – CLICK HERE

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Exclusive in the Cantina

Hall of Fame Collector Cards Honoring Those Who Support Motorcycling By Rogue I was using the 2019 Official Sturgis Publication put out by the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum to make sure I had information correct in the article I was doing on the Hall Of Fame Induction Breakfast. If you went to Sturgis, I hope you picked up a copy, if not you may want to contact the museum and see if they have any left. www.sturgismuseum.com CLICK HERE TO READ THE REPORT – ONLY IN THE CANTINA New Chassis, Engine & Design: Harley-Davidson introduces Next Custom Revolution with Eight New Iconic Softail Motorcycles What are the benefits of the new Softail Frame over the old Dyna Configuration? By Bandit and Harley-Davidson To celebrate Harley-Davidson’s 115th Anniversary year, the Motor Company is launching a custom revolution: Eight all-new Softail® models that merge the hard-riding performance of the Dyna® line with the unparalleled custom look of the Softail line. CLICK HERE TO READ THE REPORT – ONLY IN THE CANTINA SUBSCRIBE to the Cantina Today – Click Here to pay securely online https://www.bikernet.com/pages/custom/subscription.aspx All the best motorcycline features, only at Bandit’s Cantina

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