First ever Dubai Motorcycle Film Festival kicks off with a roar

from The inaugural Dubai Motorcycle Film Festival has taken place in the UAE. The three-day event featured bike builds, short character-driven films to full-length documentaries that reveal the spirit and soul of the motorcycling community. It is the brainchild of Festival Director, Ian Carless, who told Euronews that it was a challenging process choosing the films, “There’s a lot of content out there, as you can imagine, particularly for motorcycles. So choosing the films… the hardest part of that was actually which ones to leave out.” Over 30 films were screened including Song of Sosa from Director, Cam Elkins, who discussed the importance of these platforms. “These kinds of festivals just really give filmmakers, particularly motorcycle filmmakers, the opportunity to tell a whole diverse range of stories from different cultures and backgrounds”, he said. Getting the event off the ground was also a rewarding challenge. Rhett Maxwell the General Manager of Honda UAE said that he was thrilled to be part “of the beginnings” of what he expects to be a massive event in the future. “Stuff in Dubai starts small, but it never stays small”, he added. Highlights of the film festival included screenings of ‘Fast Eddie’, the story of a World War II veteran who still rides every day, and ‘Rebel Riders’, a film showcasing extreme Vespa Scooter subculture in Indonesia. Local filmmaker Michael Vosloo showcased ‘WhyWeRide’ – an uplifting short about women riders in the desert. “I think for many people that haven’t ridden and mainly also for females, if they think that biking is not for them, this is the film to watch. It’s very short, quick to the point. It’s a lot of fun” he told Euronews. The second edition of the festival hopes to build on this years’ success and has already been […]

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Thunderbike Smoothless Custom Motorcycle Is the Snow White Beauty of Dubai

by Daniel Patrascu from Dubai is one of those places where there’s no shortage of extreme and luxury cars. The city’s residents have made a name for themselves as being among the richest on the planet, and this is why here you get to see more high-end products than anywhere else in the world. Having found an undying love for all things motorized, those in Dubai spare no expense in flashing their wealth on the roads and on the dunes. The city’s police force, for instance, drives around in Lamborghinis, Ferraris, or Bentleys. They’re even looking into making flying bikes a reality. What we don’t see so often however are the custom motorcycles made for the local elite. The custom bike you see in the gallery above is one of the bikes that can be found in Dubai. It is named Smoothless, and has been built by German custom shop Thunderbike for one of the customers there. The two-wheeler is custom from front to rear, and despite its name is as smooth as they come. The backbone is a custom high neck frame the garage calls Radical Over Curved. It is more of a kit actually, as it comes with all the extras needed for a successful build: the frame itself, the fuel and oil tanks, a CNC-milled aluminum swingarm with battery holder, rear section with wheel axle motor bracket, seat plate and tank transition. Made from thick-walled tubes and CNC milled side profiles, it offers a steering head height of nine inches and supports the engine. As usual when it comes to Thunderbike builds, we are not given the full specs or the price of the finished product. We do know however that the frame alone is worth a bit over 11,000 euros (close to $13,000). Add the

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