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Battery Maintenance 101

And How to Use Tenders By Bandit, Jason Mook, Battery Tender Crew, and Jeff Holt How to use battery tenders? We are on the hunt. A friend kept his bike on a tender 24/7. But when he rode to his girl’s house and spent the night, the bike was dead in the morning. Jason Mook, the owner of Deadwood Custom Cycles recommends putting your bike on a charger or tender once a week, charge it and then unplug it. CLICK HERE To Read this Tech Article only on Join the Cantina for more – Subscribe Today

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Back To Basics – How To Change A Rear Tire

Andie’s Garage: The How To’s for Basic Maintenance On Your Motorcycle I want to share with you the basics of repairs so you can decide if you want to tackle it yourself, or just simply know what happens when you take it to someone else to get repaired. I like to smoke tires, not drugs! The down side to this addictive behavior? Always replacing rear tires! Not only do I complete a burnout before each and every pass I make on the drag strip, I like to do them for fun! CLICK HERE TO READ A HOW-TO GUIDE TO CHANGING YOUR REAR TIRE Join the Cantina today for more exclusive Tech and News.

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