Ontario Biker travelling across Canada with Furry Friend

Ontario nuclear operator travelling on motorcycle across Canada with canine friend Lyna Smith recently made a stop in Quesnel with Monster Yogi Bear by Rebecca Dyok from It was no ordinary sight at the Quesnel Visitor Centre where Lyna Smith departed on her Russian-made motorcycle with a sidecar containing her four-legged friend, Monster Yogi Bear. Smith has been traveling across Canada with her Shar Pei rescue dog on a Ural motorcycle since late April. The pair from Port Elgin, Ont. arrived in B.C. after venturing down the Dempster Highway. In Tuktoyaktuk, N.W.T., Smith took a swim in the Arctic Ocean with Monster Yogi Bear taking a quick lick and making a face of disgust due to the water’s saltiness. “We went east first and my plan was to hit all three oceans,” Smith said. “We’re now headed down towards the Pacific as our third ocean.” Smith had been planning a trip across Canada for some time and knew she couldn’t leave Monster Yogi Bear behind. She even made him a cover for his sidecar with windows to protect him from the elements and mapped out all the pet stores along the way. “There’s been a lot of firsts for him,” Smith said with a laugh, noting Monster Yogi Bear was even in a helicopter over Mount Robson.“He’ll be able to say he’s peed in every province and territory except Nunavut.” Travelling with Monster Yogi Bear holds extra special meaning to Smith, who is widowed. She had told herself no more dogs when her first Shar Pei died of renal failure shortly after she lost her husband to cancer. When a friend, however, sent her a picture of another Shar Pei from the Owen Sound Animal Shelter where her husband had gotten her first Shar Pei, Smith had a change […]

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Code Word Discomfort: Unique Racing Project

Six Ways to Sunday Racing Story Continues by Kyle Smith from My best stories never begin with an explanation of how comfortable I was. The whole scheme of Six Ways to Sunday is campaigning one motorcycle in six different kinds of racing. In itself, this is a recipe for being uncomfortable, and I nominated myself to do it. How bad could it really be? Coffee and pancakes gave us the will to live, and we headed back to the track to dry out the bikes for tech inspection. Bowen would ride my 1988 Honda XR200R in the same events in which I would be competing with the super-fresh ’89 Honda XR250R. I would be knocking out two of the six disciplines for my Six Ways to Sunday project. Click Here to Read this Article on Bikernet. Join the Cantina for more – Subscribe Today.

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