Chuck Norris in Germany

Chuck Norris kann eine Drehtür zuschlagen. How do you like that roundhouse kick  ? COVER REVEAL!!! * Chuck Norris “The President’s Man 2” Apparently Chuck Norris movies keep kicking ass with audiences in Europe. Especially, there is a fan following for the legendary martial artist turned actor in Germany. Freedom and Big Guns seem to be a people pleaser on both sides of the pond. Have a look at custom commissioned cover art by German Digital Artist Uwe Jarling. Chuck Norris “The President’s Man 2” cover variant A – “This is a commissioned cover for “The President’s Man 2″ with Chuck Norris by Focus Media for the remastered German Collector’s Edition. Each title comes with 3 to 4 cover variants, I made 3 variants for each of the 3 Chuck Norris movies that I illustrated.” explains Uwe. “I have a few slots for custom commissions in the second half of the year – so if you want to work with me and need a cover for your book, movie, or music album – don’t hesitate to ask. Have an awesome time everyone!” That’s true. He has done some exceptional cover art for Hard Rock and Metal music bands. Many Fantasy, Horror and SciFi authors seek and commission cover art for their books from Uwe. Average cover artwork prices range from 350 Euros to 450 Euros. Yup, that’s a lot of money for high quality artwork; exceptional creativity which includes the lettering of your book or music album. He will turn your abstract ideas and visions into real art work everyone can see and admire. Uwe Jarling covers can be viewed on his Facebook profile page: Also visit Joolz and Jarling FB-page: I had the good fortune of interviewing Uwe when I was a wee little kid. LOL. Do […]

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