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Magnificent 100-Word Fiction Contest

We decided to get our readers engaged in fiction focused on motorcycling lifestyle. The contest is completely free for anyone to participate. All you have to do is subscribe to Bikernet weekly newsletter and email us your fiction. Can you weave a tale in 100 words or less? The May 2023 winner was announced on June 22, weekly Thursday News — click & read it here. We are glad to announce the winner for the month of June 2023 is Chris Dutcher for his 100 words adventure “A Hundred”. As Bikernet Metaverse Editorial Emperor Bandit himself stated “Great story, no wasted words, emotion and action strong. Well done.” You can read all the multiple fiction entries for this contest at by Clicking Here. Chris is not new to fiction writing. He has published two novels in his “Storm Rider” series. You can read a review of those books on itself. Storm Rider – Book One — click for review Storm Rider – Book Two — click for review Chris Dutcher wins a fantastic goodie bag, full of Bikernet gifts, signed Bandit books and swag. Don’t miss your chance. The July winner will be announced next month. Don’t ever stop riding or writing… –Wayfarer * * * * * * * * Read Free Short Fiction and Facts on by clicking here. Read entire Novels on in Bandit’s Cantina, click to view.

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100 WFC: A Hundred

100 word fiction contest continues…. #100WFC A Hundred by Chris Dutcher He hadn’t felt this good in a long time. Five year sentence he’d done forty-three months, seventeen days, five hours and fifty-eight minutes. But who’s counting… The bike wanted to go a hundred, and he’d let it. The speedo had hovered right around the one-double zero for well over an hour, he must be on fumes. Backing off the throttle was almost like after-sex. The engine rapped down like the engine brake on a semi, counting through the gears. Everyone looked away when he pulled up to the pumps, which was fine with him. His face tingled. He laughed. * * * * * * * * Yup, its a weekly contest open to all. Just sign up for the free weekly newsletter by clicking here. Then email us your 100 word limit fiction to the editor

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