Are you ready? Bikernet Weekly News for December 28, 2023

Hey— Party like there indeed is a tomorrow. Don’t give in to those doomsday prophecies. The planet is not cooking–it’s your media-conditioned brain that’s on gas. So, kick start your future journey instead of relenting on the kickstand. Get up, saddle up and get noticed. Wheels are two, but the community needs to be one. Solidarity does not mean compromise. Get involved, ask questions, gain insight, share your experiences, evolve a collective consciousness and build a knowledge base that their bots can’t censor because it is out on the streets and inside corporate boardrooms. It is not a fight, it is an answer to those who doubt your lifestyle and culture. You don’t need to be hostile. Show them the physical, mental and even spiritual benefits of motorcycles, motorcycle communities, exploration, tourism, competition and engineering that is not limited to mega-factories but available to high-school students too. I am sure you know better and more, so I need not attempt to list ways, means and methods to engage your neighbors, colleagues, fellow citizens and legislators. If there is one sure way to test your beliefs, it is to head out and see if anyone else is riding against the same headwinds. —- Wayfarer Editor Bikernet Blog * * * * * * * * Hey, This will be a major year coming up. Our government, truth and democracy is at stake. If you don’t want to take on the task to save the country, join the MRF, the IMA or your local motorcycle rights group and let them do the hard work. I want everyone to have a terrific News Years Celebration. Then we need to hunker down and take care of business. This year will be major… Ride Free Forever or die trying! –Bandit Click here to read this […]

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