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100 WFC: Nap Time by Jeffrey

100 word fiction contest continues…. #100WFC Nap Time by Jeffrey with illustration by Wayfarer “Your friend passed out.” Sissy, a redhead supermodel bartender at the Buffalo Chip, said to Salas. Salas, looking at Ronnie, whose face was on the table, a dozen shot glasses surrounded his head said, “You’ve got to be shitting me. We’re staying at the Throttle; he can’t ride for hours.” “Come with me, I’m on break till 8:00, he can sleep it off at my cabin.” Sissy said. Salas laid Ronnie on the concrete porch as Sissy entered her one room home. She reopened the door, her naked body got Sala’s attention. “Want to come in?” Salas whispered, “I love you, Ronnie.” * * * Like Jeffrey’s fiction? Check out his novels at his website https://mikesalasnovels.com/ Tell him, Bikernet.com sent ya Know past winners and read all entries ever published by visiting: https://www.bikernet.com/pages/100_Word_Fiction_Contest.aspx All you gotta do is subscribe to Bikernet’s free weekly newsletter and send in your entry to wayfarer@bikernet.com

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Number One Requested Artist to Play Sturgis Buffalo Chip 2024

Jelly Roll, who won the new artist of the year award at the 2023 CMA Awards this week, is coming to the Buffalo Chip on Aug. 6, 2024. The Buffalo Chip announced Thursday that Jelly Roll will be part of the concert lineup during the 2024 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Jelly Roll is the number one most requested artist the public has asked for, according to the Buffalo Chip announcement. Through 5 p.m. MST Nov. 15, fans can purchase a multi-day package that includes the Aug. 6 Jelly Roll concert for 50% off. Go to  buffalochip.com  for tickets and information. New artist of the year was one of five awards Jelly Roll was nominated for at the CMA Awards. He also received nominations for single of the year and music video of the year for “Need a Favor,” male vocalist of the year and musical event of the year. Refer details by clicking here. * * * * Grab your news by the….free weekly newsletter, click here.

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Sturgis Buffalo Chip 2024

The Best Party Anywhere 2024 Passes On-Sale August 2 to 11, 2024 Want to cure your blues? Start planning your trip to the Sturgis Buffalo Chip for 2024 Passes On Sale October 12 CLICK HERE TO RESERVE PASSES For a limited time only, when you reserve an Early Bird Pass you get a place to party and crash for a very special price. It’ll never be this low again. * * * * Tell ’em Bikernet.com Sent Ya !

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Sturgis Buffalo Chip Evo Entanglement Bike Show

Three years in a row of the best prize package at the Rally! Long known as Harley-Davidson’s most reliable and approachable power plant, many moto-historians also say the Evo engine saved the MoCo. Its 16-year+ run followed the company’s buy-out by the “gang of 13” and it ushered in stability in those post-AMF days. The years of the Evo engine dovetailed with massive production numbers, too, so there are plenty of Evo powerplants still around. When the industry boomed in the late ‘90s and early 2000’s, Evo-style engines ran thousands more “American other” machines made by companies such as S&S Cycle to power Big Dogs, American Iron Horses, and many more. So where are all the Evos now? That’s what we want to know! Bring yours – factory or aftermarket – to enter the 3rd Annual Evo Entanglement Show, presented by S&S Cycle, at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip on Wednesday, August 9th. Besides an opportunity for awesome profiling, you could win an S&S V-111 engine, Paughco frame, tank & front end, and $1000 Baker certificate. And that’s just one of the prizes! Want to meet Sons of Anarchy actor Rusty Coones? Enter the show FREE (online in advance or day of show) to be eligible for the first-ever Rusty Coones Illusion Cycles Award, selected and presented by Rusty himself. The award includes a custom-made, one-off trophy crafted by Paul Wideman at Bare Knuckle Performance PLUS a super slick Whiteknuckler knife compliments of Lowbrow Customs Also meet Show Hero Paul Wideman of Bare Knuckle Performance and Artist Darren McKeag as they arrive on their Bare Knuckle Evo Custom Chops – the bikes they rode in from Missouri, bugs and all. Not enough? How about this: The first 100 people to register for the show – and it’s free to register –

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MotoDoffo Wines Releases “Rally Red” Limited Edition Wine

Named the Official Wine of the Sturgis Buffalo Chip, this specially-labeled Cabernet Sauvignon is now available for online orders. Temecula, Calif. – June 20, 2023 – MotoDoffo Wines, a moto-inspired division of family-owned Doffo Winery located in Temecula, California, has officially released its limited edition “Rally Red” wine ahead of this year’s Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. This specially-labeled Cabernet Sauvignon is now available for online orders and will be featured throughout the Sturgis Buffalo Chip’s bars during the rally. “The first-ever MotoDoffo Rally Red is here!” shares MotoDoffo Winemaker and CEO, Damian Doffo. “With a powerhouse grape like Cabernet Sauvignon inside the bottle and a bold image of an American v-twin motorcycle on the label, we feel we’ve really captured the spirit of the Rally with this wine.” Made 100% from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes harvested in the Fall of 2019 from Doffo Winery’s Temecula, California vineyards, the Rally Red is an approachable, easy-to-drink wine that goes well with a wide variety of dishes or can be enjoyed on its own. The unique label artwork celebrates good times with a massive burnout at the legendary Buffalo Chip. Limited to just 1,500 bottles produced, each bottle’s back label features a serial number and a quote from Buffalo Chip founder Rod “Woody” Woodruff: “Ride free. Take risks. You deserve the best.” The MotoDoffo Rally Red is available now at Doffo Winery in Temecula, CA and from the winery’s online shop at shop.doffowines.com. Visit www.motodoffo.com for more on MotoDoffo Wines, lifestyle apparel, motorcycle collection, and visitation information. * * * * * * * * * * * * Tell ’em Bikernet.com Sent Ya !!

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Salt Torpedo Update: Trial Run

by Bandit with photos from Calamity Vickie Outlaw Runs Outside the Notorious Buffalo Chip I quickly made a desperate call to the Mayor of the town of Buffalo Chip. He knows everything about the Black Hills, the roads, the taxes, the politics, the sheriff, you name it. The Harley plant is rolling up to their 120th. The Sturgis Rally 85th is coming and the Chip is chipping away at 40 years rocking the rally. The answer was positive. There are a lot of flat, straight, open roads in South Dakota. It included the frontage road beside the magnificent Chip. It goes 1.5 miles straight. It up-shifts to the north past the Sturgis airport. Then it’s a straight 4 miles until it slides onto a rough gravel surface. I started to work with Woody. He suggested a meeting with the local sheriff, a new guy. I made photographic prints of the Salt Torpedo to share and we set a potential week for a meeting. Click Here to read the latest adventure in the pursuit of yet another Bonneville Salt Flat record * * * * * * * * * * * * Support the first streamlined trike land speed record — click to know more

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In Search of the Sturgis Sticky Bun

BUN PATROL by Prince Najar Fuel for this summer ? This is the 8th year of the Flying Piston’s Builders Breakfast hosted by the Buffalo Chip and presented by Russ Brown. As co-producer this is also the 8th time I’ve been voted down on serving waffles. I ask you, who doesn’t love waffles in the morning? So I’m working on a replacement to the breakfast treat. What we came up with is homemade gooey cinnamon buns. The Answer to this Search is Closer than you Think. Click Here to Read this Article on Bikernet.com Well, no Secret Recipe is revealed here, but checkout where they pinpointed for the perfect taste. * * * * * * * * Catch us at Sturgis and especially at the Flying Piston’s Builders Breakfast

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A Cool Custom Strider Bike by Edge

Greg “Edge” Scheuer delivers for world-famous Flying Piston Builder’s Breakfast “The entire take on my build was to recreate the famous picture of Marlin Brando from the 1953 film, “The Wild One.” Using one of my grandchildren as a stand in for Brando. I have two grandkids that are both about three so the timing was good. Luckily, I had a build team which is the only reason the bike is finished. The photo shoot with my two grandsons’, Wilder and Finn, was a hoot but eventually we got there. Special thanks to Prince Jeff Najar for the opportunity to work with the Flying Piston Benefit. See you in Sturgis!” — Edge CLICK Here to Read this Photo Feature & what makes this entry so wonderful! About: Strider Bike & Flying Piston Benefit Breakfast Visit: https://flyingpistonbenefit.com/ DON’T MISS THE BUILDER BREAKFAST Join us Sunday, August 7th: 8:30 – 11AM at Buffalo Chip Get to Meet Billy Lane & Darren Mckeag * * * * Many more great custom builds – and not just for cheering kids. Let’s put a smile on your face this weekend !!! Have a look at the Free Extensive “Bike Features Section” on Bikernet.com by visiting (click here / see URL): https://www.bikernet.com/pages/bike_features.aspx This area won’t feature the same bikes that magazines do. This will cover bikes with style and class, a few nicks, some for sale, others because of what they do, not how they look.

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