I Remember by Amy Irene White

I REMEMBER by Amy Irene White I remember. I remember 9/11. I remember when the planes hit, and at first we thought it was an accident. I remember the horror when the whole world realized it was happening on purpose. I remember the planes falling and the pentagon smoldering. I remember the bodies falling from windows. I remember the firemen and policemen rushing forward. I remember the smoke. I remember the running. I remember the screams. I remember the panic. I remember when the towers fell. I remember when New York City looked like hell. I remember Donald Trump walking amongst the wreckage. I remember Rudy Gulianni too. I remember the death tolls. I remember the tears and the anger. I remember when I got hooked on round the clock news. I remember the patriotism and love and yellow ribbons. I remember the hatred for Islam that I for one will never let go. I remember it was something much more than some people doing something. I remember the rides and memorials and remembrance. I remember when the foundation of America was shaken, and I remember that we haven’t been quite right ever since. I remember. By Amy Irene White

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Mystery of the Effective Detective

Doggone life of the furry government servant with inputs from Hot Air Cold Love at Apparently, dogs are not detectives. This thought crime just got solved. So, are all the decades of man’s best friend working alongside in forests and mountains, in rain and sunshine, in war-zones and disaster rescue efforts, the hound that will follow “his master’s voice” to hell– all just myth, legend and an old husband’s tale? As per the research and the statistics, the dog’s days of working as a police dog are over. Maybe now — the customs officer will have to smell your luggage and bark orders if deemed unfit for boarding your flight. Maybe its the humans who are causing the loss of canine jobs (which is my gist of the new report mentioned below)?? Can you imagine all the working animals replaced with humans instead of machines? No more canary in a coal mine. No more snakes eating rats in paddy fields. No more ox ploughing farms, no more donkeys or mules carrying fool’s gold (also called simply as a fool), no more horse carriages nor armed cavalry, no legionnaire crossing deserts on a camel…. So what would you write? A western or a historical fiction or a scifi or a satire or just adopt a rescue dog to play with during writer’s block? Well, he could take you out for a walk and we know that’s always good for creativity (New Yorker story link). Anyways, chew on this news for now! Police Say Dogs Help Solve Crimes. Little Evidence Supports That. In 2020, Salt Lake City abruptly terminated its canine unit for pursuing and apprehending suspects. Not much changed. * * * * * * * * * * * * Send us your 100 word fiction and win

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