AMRA Igniting Biggest Nitro Harley Year Ever

AMRA pre-race advance: PennGrade1 AMRA Cajun Nitro NationalsAMRA Igniting Biggest Nitro Harley Year Ever at No Problem event: PennGrade1 AMRA Cajun Nitro Nationalswhen: April 5-7, 2024where: No Problem Raceway, Belle Rose, Louisiana, USA AMRA PennGrade1 motorcycle drag racing series–pre-race advance The PennGrade1 AMRA American Motorcycle Racing Association is bringing their Harley-Davidson drag racing series back to No Problem Raceway in Belle Rose, Louisiana, and featuring Nitro Harley’s in a big way. Thanks to the support of Top Fuel Harley legend Johnny Mancuso and his Circle M Ranch, and Dove Fuels, Top Fuel will now feature a full 16 bike field on race day. That means 8 more bikes are available to race and a full extra round of eliminations for the ground-pounding, flame-throwing, thundering, 220 mph nitro V-Twins. That’s a win-win for fans and racers alike! Local hero Randal Andras—the multi-time NHRA champ—will be defending his turf to the best of his Fast Coon Ass ability. But he’ll be facing Nitro Harley studs such as 2X defending AMRA champ Ryan Peery, North Carolina Hall of Famer Jay Turner, Spevco’s Tii Tharpe, AMRA’s own John “JT” Toth, last year’s Rockingham Finals winner Jordan Peterson, Bad Apple Racing’s Tracy Kile and Jimmy “Mac” McMillan, California’s Tim Kerrigan, Ricky “Sharkey” House, Finland’s Juha “Sushi” Hintukainen, and more. Nitro Funnybikes are like Top Fuel with one less injector and gear, but every bit as loud and awesome. Louisiana’s own Rocky Jackson will face Pennsylvania’s Michael Balch, North Carolina’s Cameron Gunter, Japan’s Tadashi “Reggie” Saitou and more. The bikes are small but the field is large…Hawaya Racing Pro Fuel bikes are smaller and carbureted, but still pack a nitro punch and race with a full 16 bike ladder. Champion Sam White starts his AMRA title defense against “Bad Apple Mary” Dangrow, Jim “Bad Influence” Martin, […]

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