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ProTaper Reveals its Industry First Aluminum and Carbon Fiber Handlebar

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ProTaper Reveals its Industry First Aluminum and Carbon Fiber Handlebar Offering Greater Strength, Lower Weight for MX Riders

Fort Worth TX — January 19, 2022 — ProTaper, the industry leader in motorcycle handlebars and controls, today announced an industry first, a revolutionary carbon fiber-reinforced, aluminum handlebar designed specifically to meet the needs of motocross riders. The ProTaper ACF Handlebar uses a revolutionary Carbon Core system to maintain strength while creating the lightest 1 1/8-inch handlebar in the industry.

The use of unidirectional, unwoven carbon fiber creates a core for the bar with a maximum longitudinal tensile strength that is twice the strength of a traditional carbon fiber weave. This carbon fiber core allows ProTaper to reduce the thickness of the strong, 7000 series aluminum alloy walls in key areas, decreasing weight by up to 20% and producing unrivaled impact absorbing flex.

In addition, the ACF Handlebar uses ProTaper’s Control+ design, which creates 220 millimeters of space, an increase of up to 40 millimeters, for mounting controls such as hydraulic clutches, ignition mapping switches and electric starters. The Control+ design creates this additional space without ergonomic changes for the rider.

“The handlebar is the most critical element in a rider’s control of the bike,” said Randy Valade, brand director for ProTaper. “This innovation in design offers greater control, greater comfort, increased ability to mount crucial controls and reduces weight by up to 20%. Riders have been seeking this advantage for years and now ProTaper will deliver it to them.”

The ACF Handlebar is available in four bends to allow rider the fit that they prefer on their motocross bike. The CR High, Carmichael, Henry/Reed and SX Race bends are available in black and retails for $139.99.

About ProTaper
Since 1991, ProTaper has led the way in premium control components. The brand delivers an exciting, innovative, and complete product line that fulfills the needs of professional racers and weekend riders alike. Through revolutionary ideas like the oversized 1⅛” handlebar and the Micro Handlebar Kit—the only control system purpose-built for youth riders, ProTaper transforms how riders experience their motorcycles. It’s no wonder that ProTaper has long list of pro and amateur athletes relying on its products to help them win races.

Harley-Davidson Vegas Is an Ode to Drilled Aluminum

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by Daniel Patrascu from

Much more so than when it comes to cars, wheels play a very important role in the motorcycle world. And we’re not saying that from a functional standpoint alone, but from an aesthetics one as well.

Whereas custom cars can be made to look good with a variety of such parts, custom motorcycle makers have to be a bit more careful in choosing their hardware, because a poor choice could easily ruin whatever message they are trying to send across. Of course, the selection process is much easier when shops have the means to build wheels in-house.

So is the case with German shop Thunderbike. In business for close to three decades now, these guys are advanced enough to have their own production lines for custom parts, including the hardware that allows the bikes to transfer the engine’s power to the ground.

Not once Thunderbike has created motorcycles with the sole purpose of advertising the wheels it makes in its own shop. We’ve seen recently that was the case with the Spoke Bob 21, or the Big Spoke. The one here, called Vegas Drilled, is part of the same category.

Unlike the two other bikes mentioned, which used a multi-spoked design for the rims, this one goes for a much simpler approach. CNC-machined from aluminum, just like most of the wheels Thunderbike makes, the piece comes with only 5-spokes, and with sizes ranging from 18 to 23 inches. Unlike them though, they have a bicolor cut and polished rim edge.

As usual, the wheels are not the only extra fitted on the Street Bob used as a base. A total of around 30 parts went into the project, ranging from the grips and ending with the air ride suspension, and increased the base bike’s value by at least 8,000 euros ($9,700 at today’s exchange rates, give or take).