Rally Action Bikernet Weekly News for August 10, 2023

Hey, I’ve spoken to any number of riders, industry members, locals, you name it about their take on the rally this year. All answers are different, but I believe this one was happening, jammed, exciting and alive. I started out asking brothers if they attended the 120th anniversary of Harley-Davidson to see if the celebration was going to impact Sturgis, but I don’t think it did. My other major take-away from this rally was the custom and performance side. I studied packs of bikes, bikes in parking lots, rows of bikes waiting to roll into Deadwood and I didn’t see a lot of bone stock scooters. Even baggers were modified with performance upgrades, sound systems, travel accessories or custom components. Choppers, bobbers, antiques, FXRs, baggers and custom bikes filled shows. And aftermarket vendors were here in Sturgis, at the Chip and packed around Black Hills Harley. The custom world was here to see, touch and feel. It was happening even in the rain. The next question includes demographics. There are way more women riders with new, improved, more reliable, more creature comfort laden motorcycles. But what about age groups. My grandson rode out for the second or third time. His buddies are in their late 20s, but the demographic study research continues. Ever since I turned 50, 25 years ago, journalists wrote about the aging biker population, as if the whole outlaw biker would dry up and disappear. But then my son started riding, and then my grandson and at least one of my granddaughters. The study continues. Let’s hit the news –Bandit CLICK HERE To Read this week’s news only on * * * * * * * *

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New To Skateboarding?

“Don’t let that feeling go….keep on truckin !!!” Hey, Your Bikernet Blog Editor got grounded from riding his bike out of city limits. Well, actually, my mother has been sick consistently since she caught COVID-19 in January 2022. She has been in-and-out of hospital twice in past 30 days. I needed to get some wheels rolling near my residence so that I am available for mom and also able to enjoy some outdoor excitement. I decided on a new adventure — a hobby for Skateboarding. How childish? Imagine your dad riding down the street on a skateboard. Well, remove the stigma and join in. Can you imagine anyone other than a lifelong motorcyclist doing something so crazy in his/her early 40s age? This skateboard is the only vehicular-thing with more than two-wheels that I own. Below I present a few useful YouTube Videos I found that got me off to a “flipping” start. It’s not exactly a how-to but more of a how-others do it. Do These 10 Things Make A Difference In Skateboarding? How to Set Up a Skateboard for Beginners HOW TO SKATEBOARD FOR BEGINNERS | HOW TO SKATEBOARD EPISODE 1 Both of these two YouTube Content Creators have done a good job — though you may find one more useful than the other when you visit their YouTube Channel….depending upon your skill level and natural aptitude. Their Channels are: 1. Braille Skateboarding Playlists 2. VLSkate Playlists * * * * So hit the deck and get off to a rockin start this weekend!!!

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Own the road and rent the ride with some Harley cool

by Felicity Donohoe from From From If you’re looking for a road trip with a difference, then Harley Davidson may have the answer – and you don’t need to own a Hog to make it happen. Seen in iconic movies such as Easy Rider – ridden by Peter Fonda – and even Arnie in Terminator 2: Judgment Day – nothing says cool like a Harley Davidson motorcycle, and if the highway has been calling you, this might be the way to get up close and personal with the American outdoors. Motorcycling is an option to beat weekend traffic and find a different kind of freedom for your staycation – and you don’t need to fork out a fortune and own one of the bikes. In fact, you can rent one for a holiday with affordable cruising daily prices or touring per week rates, choosing from a wide range of models such as Heritage Classic bike or Ultra Limited. And taking it a step further, Harley Davidson has an online ride planner that includes top trips around the States. Simply type in your start and finish, with customisable options such as preferred stops and overnight accommodation, if needed. The interactive planner works out your route and can generate on-road and – if you’re feeling brave – off-road routes for the adventurous rider. There is 10% discounts for HOG (Harley Owners’ Group) members. Ensure you have your motorcycle licence and equipment, including helmet, when hiring. For the interactive ride planner go to by clicking here. What motorcycles can I rent? A variety of new models are available at hundreds of convenient locations all around the world. Browse and enquire on-line or check your local Harley-Davidson® Authorized Rental Dealer for more information. Have a look at the current models

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Europe’s Electric Motorcycle Market Surges

Press Release: IDTechEx from IDTechEx expects electric motorcycle sales in Europe to grow at least 50% year-on-year in 2020, building on the momentum of recent years. This is driven by continued policy support from governments alongside start-ups and incumbent OEMs entering the market with new model releases, finds the recent report from IDTechEx. Growth is also being boosted by consumer awareness and acceptance in Europe of the benefits of electric motorcycles. Besides the low cost of ownership, electric motorcycles improve the riding experience, taking away the noise, fumes, vibration, shifting, and clutching from the user experience, alongside the environmental benefits of low emissions. The result has been strong growth on par with the electric car market since 2017. How are electric motorcycles different? Electric motorcycles are unique, serious machines with power and energy requirements orders of magnitude higher than other common types of electric two-wheelers such as electric scooters, both the standing kind – think Lime – and the sitting kind – think Vespa. Indeed, electric motorcycles typically utilize electric motors beyond 40kWp, which is more comparable to those found in electric cars than electric scooters, in a much more restricted space. This high-power need, coupled with the limited space on the motorcycle, means manufacturers rarely use off-the-shelf parts and design motors in-house from scratch. The situation is the same for the battery packs, which actually take up the most space in boxy designs unconventional for the moto industry (even when utilizing high-energy automotive-grade Li-ion cells). In contrast, low energy, cheap LFP packs sourced from China can be used for the low energy needs of electric scooters. Zero Motorcycles, the global market leader for electric motorcycles based out of California, USA, is a good example. It uses locally sourced NMC pouch cells in a custom pack and has an

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