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SUPER HOT SUNDAY POST for September 3, 2017


It’s been sorta hot on the coast and I’m sure the desert near Three Palms (the rest, 26, burnt down), California and Vegas is smokin’ hot. The south is under water and it had to be caused because someone bailed out the auto industry and they’ve sold too many cars causing global warming, climate change and devastation. It had to be our fault.

The earth has been perfect for millions of years until we came along and lite the first bonfire, cooked meat and the rest is history…

I have another one to consider. I keep reading about radical Muslims and the blame game. Power hungry humans have made every historic mistake possible in the desire to expand their religion or power. Most have ultimately had their asses handed to them.

But I sense the current issue is not about religion or history, but population. Two many folks on the planet and you’re bound to find splinter groups. Hell, they need something to do. So, can we give them something positive to do? Of course, and I have something to add at the end…

Let’s hit the news.

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