Sturgis Thursday Report By Doc Robinson


Another crazy day in that crazy city of Sturgis, South Dakota where it is all happening.

Shows, shows and more shows.

The Big Bagger Show featured some awesome baggers cut, shut and slammed to the max! Then there was the inimitable Rat’s Hole Show, the Hamsters Bike Show judged by the City Mayor and a stack of other events.

Big hearted Hamsters

Yaffe gets new heart. And – as befits a bike builder – it is a chrome one. Yes, prominent builder and Hamster Paul Yaffe received the Chrome Heart Award this week, presented by Childrens Care to honor individuals in the motorcycle world whose philanthropic support and civic duty represents everything positive in the industry and sport of motorcycling. A massive $200,000 was raised by the Hamsters at their annual dinner in Spearfish this year. The money goes to provide special education services to kids in the area through Childrens Care of Rapid City.

Sturgis by Night



Ah, the crazies all come out to play when the sun goes down, with scantily dressed gals of varying ages parading around displaying theirassets that vary from mouth watering to, “I wish I hadn’t seen that”. But the bars are the place to be with pretty gals vying for tips by doing everything from navel shots to wild dancing. But remember: what happens in Sturgis, stays in Sturgis – unless it’s featured on the Bikernet Blog.

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