Stage 5 Provides Paint for the Bikernet / Cycle Source 15th Anniversary Giveaway Chopper


Stage 5 Coatings is providing the paint and chemicals needed to create a custom paint job on the Bikernet/Cycle Source 15th Anniversary Giveaway Chopper, sponsored by XPress Lid and Spectro Oil, which is being awarded at the 2012 Las Vegas Bikefest. 


Kustoms Inc. has been working away since the first of the year to get the chopper ready for the winner of the Bikernet/Cycle Source drawing. The last piece before final assembly is custom paint. Ron Harris, owner of Chop Doc's Choppers, is taking care of the chore with a black and silver theme. 


"We are excited to be part of the Bikernet/Cycle Source 15th Anniversary Giveaway Chopper project and are looking forward to seeing the artistic renderings from Chop Doc's Choppers," said Ken Dudley, President, Stage 5 Coatings. "Harris knows the alchemy of taking Stage 5 paint and steel and turning a bad-ass chopper into a show-stopper."


Cycle Source Magazine and are showcasing the build from the ground up. Each month Cycle Source Magazine runs an article from the build team. Videos and additional articles are hosted at and


"Builders and painters who know paint, know that Stage 5 Coatings is quality paint that provides smooth, reliable, and outstanding finishes," said Chris Callen, Editor of Cycle Source Magazine. "The paint system utilizes a state-of-the-art resin technology that provides exceptional adhesion to properly prepared sheet metal, aluminum, galvanized, and plastic substrates."


Product sponsors for the Bikernet/Cycle Source 15th Anniversary Giveaway Chopper include Stage 5 Coatings, Rivera Primo Inc., 3 Guyz, ACCEL Motorcycles, Aeromach USA, Biker's Choice, Barnett Clutches, Bell Helmets, Crazy Horse Motorcycles, D&D Exhaust, Evil Engineering, Fab Kevin, Hawg Halters, Grip Ace, Rocking K Custom Leathers, Spectro Performance Oils, Texas Bike Works, Wire Plus, and XPress Lid by SmartCup.
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