SPECIAL REPORT: Letter to the California Air Resources Board

By June 4, 2018General Posts


I’m just an old grubby biker, not the CEO of a major motorcycle manufacturer, but I feel compelled to speak out.

At one time, my contention included only that motorcycling amounted to such a small impact on the planet that we should be left alone. Since then, my reasoning has expanded many-fold.

Here are the broad strokes:

1. In order for politicians or bureaucrats to advance policy goals, they must prove manmade global warming and they can’t.

2. Motorcycling is such a small fraction of the total fossil fuel emissions it shouldn’t even be considered.

3. The road to zero-anything is fraught with problems and human sacrifice, except when applied to a growing, expanding regulatory bureaucracy.

4. What is government, but by the people for the people? Is it designed to regulate, fine and attack everything for its own power and financial gain? No!

5. The world regulatory competition. We should not ever compete with countries around the world in a race to pass more laws than China or the EU.

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