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Shorai and Tucker Rocky Announce Distribution Partnership

By June 7, 2012General Posts

NEW FROM TUCKER ROCKY SHORAI BATTERIES–SHORAI exclusive eXtreme-RATE LiFeP04 LFX (Lithium Iron Phosphate) cell
Technology Shorai LFX batteries have a military spec carbon composite case and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and capacity options and have right/left polarity options for the best possible fitment. Cable connections can be made either at tops or sides of the terminal. 

They’re ultra light; cranking faster for a better start and are only 1/5 the weight of lead-acid batteries on average. They are a drop in replacement for your O.E.M. battery for most powersports vehicles. They also hold an unloaded charge for one year without maintenance and have zero sulfation for longer service life. No explosive gasses during charge, and no lead or acid make them environmentally friendly; to dispose of simply discharge.

If the LFX is slightly smaller than the original battery in one dimension or another, high density, adhesive backed foam sheets are included and can be trimmed and applied to the battery box in minutes making a solid fit.