Shop Smart With Lowbrow Customs


Lowbrow Customs continues to set the bar when it comes to presence, service, selection, and customer satisfaction. This proved true this month when a renovated website was released to widespread customer acclaim. "I have tried buying other places" said Chet McNeely of Ft. Wood, Nebraska, "but I simply couldn't figure it out. The internet can be a confusing place. I was able to find what I needed AND to purchase it at Lowbrow; I wouldn't go anywhere else." Those sentiments were echoed by Kilgore Trout of North Saskatoon, Canada when he exclaimed "I can buy cast aluminum seat pans and fabricator's bungs at any roadside stand, but they don't offer the top shelf service and stand behind their products like they do at Lowbrow. Those guys in the midwest really know how to make it happen."

To become part of the fabric that weaves together this rag tag band of malcontents and miscreants go to your local public library and log on or call toll free 1-855-4LOWBROW.

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