SharpEye™ 5 & 6 Speed Kicker Covers by Rivera Primo


These kicker assemblies satisfy the need in us ol' skool riders for a kicker on our laste model rides like back in the day. These bad boys will bolt up to either a stock 5 speed transmission or an after-market 6 speed like our PowerDrive™ transmissions. The kicker assembly only is part # 3215-0021 for 5 speeds and part # 3215-0022 for 6 speeds. These kicker kits are also available with a high quality chrome steel arm (part # 1215-0150) for 5 speeds & (part # 1215-0151) for 6 speeds or with a chrome steel arm and solid brass bycicle style kicker pedal(1215-0152 5 speeds & 1215-0153 6 speeds).

The cover itself is milled from a solid block of 6061 aluminum and the kicker shaft is made from a high strength stainless steel alloy. And for you bikers that are always complaining about stuff not made in America, these puppies are all made right here at our plant in Southern California, USA.

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