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I’m scrambled today with projects, priorities, and crazed notions. While the Redhead slips around the headquarters in her leopard robe, I swept up after our two black labs and pondered the day.

I’ve been attacked by stress over the vast and unrelenting Bikernet Interplanetary Headquarters being attacked by the City of Los Angeles. We had a meeting with the head of Building and Safety yesterday morning in Downtown. It took us 1.5 hours to drive 20 miles. And as we crept through the Adams district I looked at many of the crappy rundown buildings and was blown away.

They could take all the building inspectors in Los Angeles and they could spend their entire careers on one city block–fulla dumps. We found a light at the end of our tunnel during the meeting, so maybe we can regain a very positive focus on the remainder of the year, including another book, our Salt Torpedo, a screenplay, and even a bronze sculpture. It’s all possible if the bastards will let a brother be.

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Inspiration of the Day:

In Life, only at the moment of encountering darkness, can the preciousness of brightness be displayed;

Only when conducting oneself justly—even while enduring slander, can the fragrance of character be known.

–Venerable Master Hsing Yun


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