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Save Your Engine With Super-Magnet Drain Plugs

By August 16, 2013General Posts

Metal parts in your engine start wearing the moment you hit the starter button. As they wear, metal particles circulate in your oil; left un-trapped, these same metal particles get run through high-pressure engine components, creating further wear. Your oil filter's job is to contain the majority of these particles, but some can still circulate when the particles are microscopic or the filter bypass valve opens. And then there is the collateral damage that occurs when a component that should not fail (most commonly tappet rollers)…fails, sending engine-destroying shrapnel through your engine. 

These simple super-magnets can effectively minimize the damage caused by metal particles by trapping the debris caused by normal wear or un-normal component failure. Each drain plug contains a high temperature, epoxy-bonded super-magnet that is over 1400 times stronger than the factory supplied magnet and is effective even when the oil temperature is over 300 degrees. Zipper's uses these on our test motorcycles because they work!