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RSD 2-Up FXR Boss and Traction Seats

By May 25, 2016General Posts


We’ve been waiting for FXRs to make a return and these great bikes are now more popular than ever. Trendsetters like RSD are probably no stranger to the FXR resurgence. Wheelies, burnouts and basic hooligan riding is what these FXR seats are all about, says RSD. The new Boss and Traction seats used standard foam in the seating area for comfort and denser foam behind the rider, for extra support when poppin’ wheelies or standing on the seat. In other words, these seats are not only cool, but they’re functional too, if you catch our drift…

RSD says these seats work great on solo missions or with a passenger. They bolt directly on and the use of the stock FXR hinge is eliminated (thank goodness). The ergonomic seat shape keeps the rider seated firmly and comfortably. While the Traction has the added function of gripper material, the Boss has a detailed triple stitch, hand-sewn lines and raised perforated diamond pattern coupled with our unique distressed vinyl. All RSD seats are made in the U.S.A. by Mustang.