Riding in the Rain on Motorcycle: What To Remember?

By November 27, 2019General Posts

When the rain comes, most of the motorcyclists store their bikes in the garage, and close the riding chapter until the sun shines in the following spring! Such abstinence indeed keeps them free from risks associated with motorcycle riding in the rain.

But unfortunately, they cannot understand that by doing this, they are depriving themselves of one of the best motorbiking experiences! They can never feel how thrilling a motorcycle ride can be in the rain staying inside the garage!

So, move on the roads in the rain, but never forget the risks associated with it. What to do then? We shall discuss in the ongoing lines how should you ride and what should you do while riding a motorcycle in the rain to get the most out of it and still stay risk-free.

But you should not forget one thing – unless you are an expert and confident enough at riding a motorcycle under challenging conditions, you should not take the risk for fun only. The safety measures and safety accessories can safeguard a confident, careful, and expert guy, not a novice. Anyway, let’s go to our main points:

Get the Right Gears

Choosing the right gear for rainy conditions is your first task. A good piece of waterproof rain-suit, boots, gloves, and a vest (obviously electric) will make you equipped for a rainy drive. They will help you keep warm, and especially the vest will act to prevent the colder wind soaking you. These should be good enough to keep you warm and protected. Still, if you want something more, you can consider wearing extra layers, especially some of your clothes, e.g., instead of one thick undergarment, multiple thin undergarments.

Another crucial component for your rainy ride is an appropriate helmet, which should be safe and have features, including breath guard, anti-fog visor or fog-defrosting visor, and a clear shield for more excellent vision.

Whatever gear combination you make, consider that they are comfortable and helpful for your riding. You cannot choose anything that gives you extra comfort and warmth but creates a riding obstacle at the same time. For instance, a neck warmer will provide you some extra warmth, but it may limit your head-turning capacity when you need a shoulder check, which is a risk for sure. That means whatever you do, you have to make the right balance at the end.

Stay Calm and Ride Smoothly

As the tires of your bike cannot grip the road as it does in a non-wet road condition, so you must try to ride with calmness to ensure a smooth ride. Don’t be in a hurry, and do things smartly. The way you used to adjust the throttle must be smoother. Apply small increments and lean angle throttle adjustment. Apply the brakes slowly and gradually, but do not forget to get the breaking done earlier instead of stabbing your brake lever at the last moment.

Pass Intersections, Manhole Cover, and Pavement Sealer Carefully

In intersections, where autos come to and stop, you will find a higher amount of oily stuff, which gets worse due to rain. You may not be capable of handling this at high speed, and the risk of accidents goes higher than anticipated. So, it is better to reduce your speed when you arrive at the intersection until you cross it.

Careful about manhole covers and pavement sealers. They highly reduce the traction of tires of a motorbike and increase the risk of slip or accident if drove without caution. Try to locate if there is any manhole cover or pavement sealer in front of you and avoid them. If you find space around them, go that way; otherwise, be slow and smooth over them.

Get a Dry Line

Do not be one of those riders who get a dry line on the pavement/road but go through the wet part for fun or ignorance. Doing such a thing increases risk. You should prefer the comparatively dry line your way as we know it offers more traction and maneuverability.

But it becomes tougher when you go through an off-road track. We suggest you not using off-road biking when it is quite wet. But even if you do this, that will need some extra expertise and control. You should also have some extra safety measures and gear, including head safety.

Last Words

Riding in the rain is an excellent source of joy and thrill, which you can never enjoy non-wet weather. But, you must follow enough precaution as explained above to get the best out of it safely.