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Ride-On Balances 230+ MPH Harley

By June 6, 2013General Posts

Inovex Industries, best known as the manufacturer of the high-speed balancer and sealant Ride-On, announces that the race team Moreland, Noonan, Perko, and Lux run Ride-On in all of their racing motorcycles to augment balancing. This iconic race team holds several records at the Bonneville racetrack – the Nurnberg of high-speed racing – in several motorcycle classes including the unlimited. It’s in this latter class where the dual engine, 300 cubic inch, 450 plus horsepower champion Harley resides.

Says Bob Moreland of Moreland, Noonan, Perko, and Lux race team, “A few years ago the Director of Powersports for Ride-On, David Scott, walked through my door carrying a pail of Ride-On. I never, ever buy anything for my bikes unless it’s tested or recommended, but this was different. David spoke to me. Not above me, and not below. What he said made sense. I decided to give it a shot. Now it’s in all my race bikes, and all the bikes that come through Bob’s Garage. My spin balancer sits in the corner collecting dust. I don’t need it anymore.”

Besides running record times in that behemoth Harley-Davidson at the Bonneville salt flats, Moreland, Noonan, Perko, and Lux routinely run cars, motorcycles with sidecars, and a turbo Suzuki Hayabusa at what can only be described as insanely fast speeds. They’ve unofficially broken 300 MPH in a Hayabusa that puts out a timid 600 plus horsepower. The common link in these vehicles – they all run Ride-On. “I put Ride-On in everything… my bikes, my trucks, my RV, and even my trailer tires. It’s just a great product” says Bob Moreland.

“Lab tests are one thing,” says Mark Farkhan, CEO of Inovex Industries, “but to have one of the most respected and decorated land speed motorcycle racing teams in the world using our products to balance their bikes at 275+ MPH is simply awesome. Metric guys have grumbled for years that the un-sprung weight of Ride-On might “slow them down” or “not hold up under extreme speed.” I think we’ve put that concern to rest. What’s funny is that we did it with a Harley.”

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