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By July 17, 2020General Posts

Show Me State”
Earlier this week, Missouri Governor Mike Parson signed legislation that modifies the current helmet law in the “Show Me State.” The new law, which will go into effect August 28, 2020, allows motorcyclists to ride without helmets if they are 26 years of age or older and have medical insurance.

For almost 40 years the motorcyclists in Missouri have been fighting for this change to state law. Congratulations to the Freedom of Road Riders, ABATE for Missouri and all those who never quit in the fight to let those who ride, decide!

Job well done!

Highway Bill Recap:

Otto Von Bismarck famously said, “Laws are like sausages, it is better not to see them being made.”

While we appreciate the quote from the namesake of the North Dakota state capital, we thought you might enjoy some of the stats behind the House Highway Reauthorization Bill. The timeline below shows how the bill evolved and how answering “Calls to Action” can help impact a bill as it progresses through Congress.

June 3: First Draft of H.R. 2 Introduced

  • 864 Pages
  • $494 Billion Allocated
  • One MRF priority included: 402 Motorcycle State Safety Fund increases
  • 569 Emails from MRF Members asking for broad-based motorcycle provisions

June 20-21: Transportation Committee Markup of H.R. 2

  • 317 Amendments Offered / 57 Amendments Passed
  • 3 Motorcyclist Amendments Offered / 3 Motorcyclist Amendments Passed
  • Three MRF priorities added: profiling language, autonomous vehicle protections, adjustments to the Motorcycle Advisory Council
  • 131 Emails from MRF members to Committee Members asking for support of our 3 amendments

June 29: Rules Committee Consideration of Additional Amendments to H.R. 2

  • 388 Amendments Offered / 170 Amendments Passed
  • 1 Motorcyclist Amendment Offered / 1 Motorcyclist Amendment Passed
  • One MRF priority added: profiling language regarding data collection on traffic stops
  • 1,513 Emails from MRF members asking for passage of the bill

July 1: House of Representatives Passes H.R. 2 by a vote of 233 to 188

  • 2,309 Total Pages
  • $1.5 Trillion Allocated
  • Five MRF Priorities Included in the Final Bill
  • 2,213 Total Emails sent by MRF members during the process

While this massive and expensive piece of legislation will undoubtedly be adjusted during negotiations with the Senate, having these five MRF priorities in the House bill is a great first step. Thank you to all riders who answered the call to action!

So What’s Next?

The Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee is drafting their version of the Highway Reauthorization. Last week, we asked you to reach out to your Senator on the committee to remind them of the priorities that are important to motorcyclists.

To date, 868 of you have answered our Call to Action. If you missed our email, click the link below if you live in one of the states highlighted above.

Take Action

Antique Motorcycle Resolution:

Late last week Congressmen Troy Balderson (O.H.), Michael Burgess (TX), and Tim Walberg (MI) introduced House Resolution 1041. The resolution calls for July 11, 2020, to be recognized as “Antique Motorcycle Enthusiast Day.” The resolution recognized the preservation, restoration, and operation of old-time motorcycles in the United States.

For over a century, motorcycles have been part of the fabric of the United States. The innovation, cultural significance and economic opportunities created by the motorcycle industry is something worth recognizing and preserving.

On July 11th, the American Motorcyclists Association hosted its Motorcycle Hall of Fame Bike Night. This resolution is a fitting tribute to all motorcyclists who care about the history and preservation of motorcycling.

To read the full text of the resolution, click here.

Ride Free,

Your DC Team