Reduced Price On The SAS Air Suspension


Custom Cycle Control Systems has reduced the price of their SAS/Simplified Air Suspension by 15% at both the dealer and consumer levels and is now offering FREE SHIPPING on all SAS units….MSRP is now $1,395.00 and dealer cost is only $1,116.00.

Butch Yaple, president of Custom Cycle Control Systems stated, "We have lowered the price on our SAS system in order to stimulate sales at the dealer level during these tough economic times. Additionally, we are offering a 30 day money back guarantee and also a lifetime warranty on all machined parts on our newly engineered SAS unit", Butch concluded. If a rider ever experiences any problems, take off the SAS (it only take a few minutes), send it back and you'll receive a reconditioned or new unit…no questions asked. If you have any problems with (most) other units on the market, (you have to take your bike in to a shop to have them find the leaks in the airlines or fittings, which is where 90% of the leaks are found). 

The SAS is super easy to install and comes complete with mounting instructions. The SAS has no compressor to mount, no pressure hoses to run, no fittings to fail…All you have to do is replace your old shocks with a new SAS unit and wire an on/off switch directly to the battery. Stay EPA Compliant on stock HD's by not having to move canisters to make room for an ugly compressor. Fits all soft tail Harley-Davidson's as well as custom production bikes. Its water-resistant design is perfect for those that ride in inclement weather and they are manufactured right here in the USA.

Raise and lower your rear end at the touch of a button.  Add air pressure to improve ride quality during changing road conditions or while hauling added weight.  Also improving the ride quality is a "pre-set factory" dampening valve. At approximately 150 psi, the bike will be fully raised and the suspension will be resting on its piston bumpers at *maximum ride height*. After that your height will not change, but you can continue to increase air pressure for improved riding during cornering or with a passenger.

For those interested in obtaining more information on Custom Cycle Control Systems new SAS system, you can reach them at 866-438-2129, or 702-438-2129. Check them out online at or email them at


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