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Red Shift 527 Cam For Early Torque And Horsepower Delivery

By June 18, 2013General Posts

New Red Shift® 527 Cams deliver an impressive gain in Torque and Horsepower which occurs much sooner in the usable riding range when compared to most popular aftermarket cams. These new High Torque Series cams are designed to allow your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle to get moving quicker right in the areas you ride the most – in and around town or cruising on the highway!

527-HS: Late Sprocket Only. Bolt-in cam for 103” and 110” engines with unmodified heads. Great midrange hit that pulls cleanly from 2,200 to 6,000 rpm. Designed for use with stock or adjustable pushrods.



Recommended: Use with Red Shift® Dual Piston Cam Chain Tensioners for improved cam chest component reliability, maximum throttle response, and reduced valve train noise.