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Pre Love Ride Weekend SUNDAY POST Feel the Love October 13, 2013

By October 13, 2013General Posts



Feel the Love, See the Girls, Love the Ride

Hey, Does anyone know the ins and outs of shop roll-up doors? Ours may need some help. Of course the guy who came over pronounced after a short inspection, “You need a new door, quick.” That’s just $4,000. Ouch.

Biketoberfest is coming right up, and so is the Love Ride next weekend on opposite coasts. We will post updates as they roll in. We can’t seem to find Bikernet Betsy. She must be headed this way.

And get this. I just published a similar report from Florida and now this from the Week Magazine: A Long Island, N.Y., school has banned footballs, baseballs, and games of tag from school grounds to prevent students from getting hurt during recess. Weber Middle School officials say too many kids have gotten bumps, scrapes, and head injuries. Incredible. What’s this world coming to?

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