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Post Christmas Thursday News For December 26, 2013

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Christmas Is Over, So What’s Around The Corner?

Ho, Ho, Ho, Well, we survived another Xmas, and it was a grand one. We had a blast with friends and relatives. This year was beyond interesting, challenging, and progressive. We made headway in every respect from major improvements to the sites, staff expanded, new business opportunities, bikes fixed, and serious improvements to the Interplanetary Headquarters.

So, let’s look at 2014, and I chuckle because this year will be absolutely wild in so many respects. And I’m going to touch on the broad issues only. We have set the stage for major content generation on all of our sites and the blog. I’ve got to give the lion share of the credit to Chris and Richard Kranzler, to Ben Lamboeuf, and then to Jack McIntyre who is loading us up with photo coverage from events all over the country. Our list of talented contributors expanded, from Paul Garson, to Peter Linney, Agent Zebra, Josh Placa, David Campbell, Bikernet Betsy, don’t get me started. I’ll be here all day.