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Police Puncture Motorcycle Tires To Teach Riders A Lesson

By February 26, 2014General Posts

jkThis week in Karachi, Pakistan, police punctured the tires of 100 motorcycles parked at Dolmen City Mall car parking, claiming that the move would serve as punishment for those who left their motorcycles unlocked.

Several commuters gathered in the parking lot to check their tires in the afternoon. “We came to know that most of the motorcycles in the parking lot had been punctured when we left our office building during a fire drill,” said Nashit Munshi, a junior product manager at a private company whose offices are located inside the building. Munshi and his colleagues were busy refilling their tires with an electric air pump, while others were seen dragging their bikes to the nearby tire shop. The police also took away the air nozzles from all unlocked vehicles. 

Clifton police ASP Abadit Nisar, when contacted, said that he had no information about the matter and would inquire into it. “There is no such law to puncture a vehicle even if it is parked in a no-parking zone. The police can fine the driver and tow the vehicle away,” he said, adding that the personnel should have discussed the matter with the parking administration because it was their responsibility.