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Phone App Makes Riders Little Bit Safer On The Road?

By November 26, 2013General Posts

Text Deflector 2.0 (, the smart phone app designed to provide a safer driving environment for everyone.


Text Deflector is a free app (with no ads) that’s designed to take the impulse to respond to texts away from drivers so they can focus on the task at hand… driving safely.

Text Deflector’s patent pending technology works by sensing and linking to your in-car handsfree device (Bluetooth or wired headset) and automatically responds for you without any user input whatsoever to any incoming texts. Text Deflector notifies the sender that the driver is unavailable and optionally requests that the sender call instead.

Text Deflector 2.0 not only responds to SMS (text) messages while you’re driving, now it will also respond to MMS (picture and video) messages so you don’t get distracted by any pictures sent to you when you’re traveling down the Interstate.

“This is an app that should come pre-installed in every phone for the safety of the driving community,” says Suite B Media’s director of marketing, Loralee Fultz. “Text Deflector is simple to use – just launch the app and assign it to any hands-free device and it’s ready to go.”

Text Deflector is available now FREE for all popular versions of Android via Google Play. Blackberry and Windows Phone versions coming soon.