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Paul’s Pix and Picks: Willow Springs Twenty-Two Skidoo!

By May 11, 2017General Posts

It’s officially Willow Springs International Motorsports Park, but most people just call it Willow which happens to be the name of the area located about 85 north of L.A. not far from Edwards AFB, home to stealthy aircraft. Things get flying over the course of the year with a variety of auto, go-kart and motorcycle competitions as well as training and racing license schools conducted within the 600 acre grounds. In addition to the longer road race course, Willow offers the shorter, tighter 1.8 mile Street of Willow, the Horsethief Mile road course, the Willow Springs Speedway’s quarter-mile oval and the Willow Springs Kart Track and a couple more. In other words, plenty of places to flog your machine, car or bike, to your heart’s content. Read more.