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Ohio Eases Restrictions For Three-Wheeled Vehicles

By September 20, 2016General Posts


A new Ohio law has eased restrictions for drivers of three-wheel vehicles, and some lawmakers say it will spur economic growth.
House Bill 429, which went into effect earlier this month, changes the license requirements for auto cycles. The legislation allows motorists — who have a conventional driver’s license — to operate three-wheeled auto cycles.
Prior to the law’s enactment, drivers had to obtain a motorcycle endorsement or license to operate the vehicle.
Ohio Rep. Niraj Antani, Ohio House Speaker Clifford Rosenberger and other lawmakers toured Polaris Industries in Wilmington on Monday morning. The company manufactures products like snowmobiles, ATVs, military vehicles and the three-wheel auto cycles.
Lawmakers said it didn’t make sense to require drivers to have a motorcycle endorsement when the vehicles have a steering wheel and operators “don’t straddle” the seat.


“The potential is unlimited,” he said. “We think a lot of people will buy these.”
Justin Jones, of Ride One Power Sports in Springfield, said the business sells auto cycles including the Polaris Slingshot. The store expects more customers interested in buying one of the speciality vehicles.
The law “opens up the opportunity to anyone who has a normal driver’s license,” Jones said.

Source: Dayton Daily News