New From Kuryakyn—Thresher Collection

By June 12, 2018General Posts

Here’s the new Thresher collection from Kuryakyn, developed for an ideal combination of comfort and control.

Thresher Grips are designed with an ergonomic profile that’s formed to the shape of your hands for a comfortable contoured and commanding feel. Both the grips and matching Thresher Pegs feature premium EPDM rubber surfaces with detailed shark tooth-inspired knurling for confident traction and vibration dampening. The durable EPDM rubber compound offers secure grip and will not harden, crack or wear over time.

Universal Thresher Grips for 7/8” & 1” Handlebars
Currently available for universal fitment on most 7/8” and 1” non-Harley-Davidson applications, Thresher Grips have a comfortable spindle-shaped design with tapered ends and an expanded palm area. The contoured grip bodies are constructed completely from EPDM rubber rated in the 50-60-durometer range for an ultra soft cushioned base that dampens vibration and eliminates hand fatigue. Aluminum collars and end caps with subdued styling provide a clean look on virtually any type of motorcycle. Additionally, the bar-mounted end caps included on all Universal Thresher Grips can be easily swapped out for bar-end mirrors or weights.

Universal Fitment for: BMW, Can-Am, Ducati, Honda, Indian, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Triumph, Victory, and Yamaha. Additional OEM-specific fitments are in development for Harley-Davidson, Indian, Victory and a wide range of metric cruisers.

• Thresher Grips 1” Universal: P/N 5948 Chrome, 5949 Satin Black
• Thresher Grips 7/8” Universal: P/N 5950 Chrome, 5951 Satin Black

Thresher Pegs & Shift Pegs
Thresher Footpegs feature sleek and streamlined aluminum castings at their core wrapped in EPDM rubber, with steel adapters that offer sturdy and secure foot placement. The detailed “shark tooth” knurling is more pronounced on the pegs to ensure a greater amount of traction and vibration dampening for riders. Splined adapters allow precise footpeg positioning to let riders dial in their preferred placement. Available with male-mount adapters for most H-D models, and without adapters for a variety of OEM fitment via model-specific splined adapters (sold separately).

Thresher Shift Pegs are available in two applications; as a direct replacement for all H-D shift levers, as well as the shift peg on Indian big twins or shift and brake peg locations on Indian Scouts and select Victory models.

• Thresher Pegs w/ Adapters: P/N 5952 Chrome, 5953 Satin Black
• Thresher Pegs w/out Adapters: P/N 5954 Chrome, 5955 Satin Black

• Thresher Shift Pegs for H-D: P/N 5956 Chrome, 5958 Satin Black
• Thresher Shift & Brake Pegs: P/N 5958 Chrome, 5959 Satin Black

Visit to view the complete Thresher collection.