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Mounting GPS, Phone and Other Stuff to a Motorcycle Windshield

By December 3, 2013General Posts

windshield_GPS.1.1Don’t have space to mount a GPS, phone or other device on your handlebar or brake/clutch reservoir? Ever want to mount it up higher, or closer to eye level, so you can see/read it more easily? The new Leader Windshield bracket does just that – and it couldn’t be simpler.

The Leader Windshield bracket works with almost any windshield, but is ideal for those with a brace or strut. Simply remove one of the studs on the brace and thread the bracket onto your windshield. Our patented U-shaped slot-and-lug design accommodates a variety of devices, including: GPS, Phone, iPod, Satellite Radio, Camera, Clock, Drink Holder

The Leader Windshield bracket is made of machined aluminum, then show-chrome plated – all here in the USA!

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