Motorsports Liquidator is Now Selling Repairable Motorcycles


Motorsports Liquidator, the purchaser of Excess Aftermarket Inventory now sells Repairable Motorcycles.

Starting September 1st Motorsports Liquidator purchases and sells repairable motorcycles. These motorcycles presently have salvage titles. To ease the process Motorsports Liquidator places the motorcycles into one of four categories, provides a complete written description and photos of the bike with close-up shots of all damage:

  • Tier 1:  Cosmetic Damage ONLY – Runs and Rides, will pass safety inspection, has some dents and scratches
  • Tier 2:  Structural Damage / Limited – Runs and Moves under its own power, NOT able to be ridden due to damage
  • Tier 3:  Structural Damage – Runs, does NOT move under its own power due to damage
  • Tier 4:  Structural Damage – Does NOT Run or Move under its own power


“This is a great opportunity for dealers to offer their customers a true entry level priced motorcycle and significantly increase their profit margin. Once repaired, it’s a simple matter of having the bike safety inspected by the proper authorities to get a registerable title. If you’re not interested in taking on the inspection process we can do it for you,” Simms said.  “Now if a business needs to sell excess inventory or is interested in repairable motorcycles, they only need to make one call!”

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