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More On Health Insurance–Discrimination Against Motorcycle Riders

By September 18, 2013General Posts

Courtesy of Seattle PI

You have health insurance.  You think you’re covered.  But you may be wrong.

Some insurance plans either exclude or in the near future will coverage for motorcycle and ATV injuries.  The justification is that riding a motorcycle is a “high-risk activities”.

Interest groups including the American Motorcycle Association (AMA) went to bat for motorcycle riders in the 1990s.  Congress pledged to put a stop to discrimination against motorcyclists when it passed HIPAA.  But then the law was revised.

It’s important to know–up front–whether your health insurance covers injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident.  Put another way, it’s important to figure out whether your insurance carrier or plan discriminates against motorcycle riders.

Request a copy of your plan to see whether coverage for injuries sustained riding motorcycles or engaging in “high-risk activities” is excluded.  If you don’t understand your policy bring it in and I’m happy to review it with you.

If your plan excludes injuries sustained while riding a motorcycle you have three choices: stop riding, roll the dice or buy your own supplemental coverage.