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Memorial Tribute Biker Urns

By March 23, 2016General Posts

What better way to pay tribute to family or friends who have taken that long ride into the sunset than to honor their memory with one of these Biker themed URNS. Manufactured 100% in the USA at Paughco’s manufacturing facility in Carson City, Nevada; each URN is fabricated using stampings from original Paughco gas and oil tanks.

Biker Urns no text

There are 5 styles to choose from; Wall mount Dished Half tank 16”-long x 9”-tall x 5.5”-deep, Mini Coffin tank 15.5”-long x 9”-wide x 4”-deep, Frisco-Style Sportster tank 16”-long x 7.5”-tall x 9”-wide, Fat Bob Half tank 19”-long x 8”-tall x 5.5-wide and Barrel-Style Oil tank 9.5-wide x 6”-diameter. Each style is offered in gloss black, chrome and copper. Fat Bob and Frisco tanks retail at $499.95, Mini Coffin-$599.95, Dished-$549.95 and the Oil tank runs $399.95. Optional chrome shelf bracket is for use with the Dished Half Tank and sells for $129.95. These are special order items so give Paughco a call at 775-246-5738 or on line by hitting the banner below.