March Hare Rally 2024

Blow by blow account from ground zero by Graeme Lowen

I was able to persuade Terry Woods to come along to the March Hare with me and Keegan. Terry is riding his old FHL Harley-Davidson affectionately known as Poo Brown (mainly because of its faded brown color I think).

Anyway, I would have normally gone to Invercargill on the Thursday evening to pick up Keegan, but because I did not get home from work untill 7:00 o’clock after spending a ten-hour day in the hot sun with two other guys, working on a roof, I was just not interested. I packed the sidecar up on Thursday night and come Friday morning I drove the van into Invercargill to pick up Keegan at quarter past eight. I made him drive back to Winton as he is the proud holder of a Learners Driver license now and he needs all the practice he can get.

It was just 9:15 when we rolled into Browns and to gather up Mr Woods and some of his gear. He put into the side car a half used large box of Weetbix with his favorite bowl and cup and spoon. Also, a 12-pack of cans of Coke. He has this coke drinking habit because of his cancer thing he had some 15 years ago and has found it works well for his stomach.

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