The Legislative session is more than three-quarters over with today being day 94 and 26 days left. Quick numbers: Senate introduced 206 bills; 14 to S-T&E with only 8 transportation issues; House introduced 376 bills; 32 to H-T&LG with 12 about transportation. So, you can see, there hasn’t been much concern with transportation issues this year. There continues to be only 1-2 more bills introduced each day because of being “late-statis” bills which need approval from the President of the Senate or the Speaker of the House. The various committees are busy right now, even addressing those bills that were introduced way back in January, but there will still be some bills that are “killed” due to no action at all.

I haven’t done an in-depth analysis yet, but it appears more bills are being passed than are being PI (killed). The Governor has signed pretty many already but hasn’t gotten to HB22-1043 (Definition of a Motorcycle).

SB22-175 (Distracted Driving) passed the Senate floor on 2nd reading yesterday and is scheduled for 3rd reading on Monday, 4/18. Senate Minority Leader, Sen. Holbert, gave a very “persuasive” argument in support of the bill at 2nd reading, citing how his personal distracted driving experiences have changed his view to supporting a bill which he had opposed in the past. More later as the bill progresses through the process.

Making progress on a resolution for “May is Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month”. More later….

–Deb Craig


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