Killing Machine Choppers – The Good 'ol Days Chapter 5


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Quadruple Bypass Surgery and Grand Openings.

Photos and text by Algie Pirrello, Killing Machine Choppers.

In October 2008, I had quadruple heart bypass surgery to bypass 6 blockages. If it weren’t for the Hardtail Harlot’s relentless nagging, I wouldn’t be here to share my adventures. After the surgery, we started looking for new digs. Our shop was a split level and pushing bikes up steep inclines was out for me. I also wanted to slow my roll a bit. Hun was in school and my old road dog Snoop and I were alone to deal with everything. We dug in for the winter with the plan to start looking for a new shop in the spring.

It was a tough winter. There were vast amounts of snow and I was on strict orders from the doctor to limit my physical activity. To make matters worse, we lost Snoop to cancer which was especially difficult for Hun who had rescued him when he was two weeks old. There was a light at the end of the tunnel though. We rescued an American Bulldog mix named Toby to cheer Hun up and he has been my constant companion since.



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