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Killing Machine Choppers – The Good 'ol Days Chapter 4

By November 29, 2013General Posts


veteran 2


Veteran’s Affairs: Killing Machine Supports Our Troops 

One day, while we were moving some bikes out of the shop, two riders flew by on Highway 2 and locked ‘em up. They flipped a U-turn and came in the lot. It was two active duty Marines from the Inspector / Instructor staff at the Spokane Marine Corps Reserve Center.

One was a First Sergeant affectionately known as Bruiser and the other was a Gunnery Sergeant named Tarek which I dubbed the “Funny Gunny”. They were both riding hogs. I got to rappin’ with them and we immediately hit it off. My girlfriend the Hardtail Harlot knew all that military talk (she had once been married to a Jarhead) so she translated. We shot the shit, chewed the fat, bullshitted something fierce, had a few cold beers, and became fast friends.