J&P Cycles Has A Mikuni 45mm Carb Kit


Zipper's Mikuni 45mm Carb Kit


• The billet manifold mount is designed to mount the carb to any S&S G or D manifold, making fitment to engines with tall cylinders as easy as choosing a manifold from our catalog

• This trick adapter seals leak-free to the carb via double o-rings and tucks the carb in .250″+ closer than the standard rubber adapter; it's much more stable as well

• On the other side of the carb, we designed an o-ring sealed flange within the billet backplate

• Comes with a smooth radius inlet for enhanced flow into the carb, a 2-3/4″ deep, high flow air filter element, heavy-duty support brackets. Breather hardware and the traditional Mikuni chrome cover are included

Click on the photo to order your today.

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