JIMS® Compensating Sprocket Lock Kit


Great news from JIMS®! The Compensating Sprocket Lock Kit is now ready and available for select Harley-Davidson® motorcycles with an MSRP that ranges from $160.00 – $185.00. This system positively secures the compensating sprocket so that it can’t come loose. Rubber mounted engines may insulate the rider and frame mounted components from vibration, but the entire power train which includes the compensating sprocket, is still at risk from fasteners coming loose due to shaking. Additionally, today’s larger and more powerful engines can cause a lesser fastening system to come loose from the large power pulses combined with the back and forth motion from getting on and off the throttle. An unsecured compensating sprocket can have dangerous and expensive consequences. Along with drive line security, the JIMS® Compensating Sprocket Lock Kit keeps the alternator rotor in place to prevent damage to the charging system.

Note: This is not only a race engine item; street bikes will also benefit from this upgrade for increased reliability and safety. Hit the banner below for more information or call 805 482-6913.

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