JayBrake Radial Plate Mounts

JayBrake Radial Plate Mount - Standard

JayBrake Radial Plate Mount - DiamondJayBrake Radial Plate Mounts (MSRP starts at $269.00) clean up the rear fender by moving the license plate onto the open belt drive. They fit most open belt drives. Radial Plates mount directly to the starter housing on most applications. They’re machined from billet aluminum and supplied with stainless steel mounting hardware. JayBrake Radial Plate Mounts include a bake light, running lights and a license plate light. Spare are available to locate the plate mount away from the frame for clearance issues. The Primo Brute Force plate mount is flat, not curved to match the belt drive. Dyna models mout to the swingarm axle bolt. JayBrake Radial Plate Mounts are available in polish, chrome or black. Visit JBrake.com for specific applications and additional product information. call 216-265-8400 or e-mail JayBrake@SuperTrapp.com.

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