It's Wild Already Thursday News For January 9, 2014


thursday news jan 9


Bikes, Modifications, Projects, Articles and Lots of News!

Hey, It’s already nuts and we’re just getting started, but it’s all good, if we can hold it together. The team just popped for a ’97 Bagger for the Bikernet Baggers Editor from Liftestyle Cycles, so the techs will be flying. My mission for this weekend is to finish the Rivera Headlight tech. Plus we have new travel features flying at us.

We are working on an ATK road test, building Wheeler Work Stations, and planning a photo shoot on our new line of 5-Ball leathers. Don’t even get me started. The shop dogs are pissed off that I haven’t bought another case of Mackerel. Let’s hit the news before I get in more trouble.


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