Hurricane Sandy — You Can Help

Hurricane Sandy – an unprecedented storm – is now cutting a destructive path up the coast, flooding streets with torrential rainfall and battering homes with dangerous, gale-force winds. 

Hundreds of thousands of evacuees have already rushed to emergency shelters with their loved ones, and your support is desperately needed to help us keep as many people safe from the storm as possible. Please make your tax-deductible gift to American Red Cross Disaster Relief now.

Hurricane Sandy has already wrought extensive damage in vulnerable communities along the coast, including severe flooding, power failures and wind damage. There’s no telling what kind of devastation communities will face in this 1,000-mile-wide storm’s aftermath, which means we must be ready for the worst. 

With your help the Red Cross has already opened 112 overnight shelters in 9 states, secured more than 230,000 shelf-stable meals, and deployed more than 1,300 trained Red Cross workers to the areas where they’re needed most. But as the storm’s effects become more widespread, more people will need our help. We’ve got to be there for every one of them. 

How much help we can provide in the coming days will be determined in part by your generosity right now.

And even after Hurricane Sandy has left our shores, our job won’t be done. We’ll be on the ground, working side by side with people whose homes were flooded or destroyed by the storm. We’ll be serving hot meals and snacks to families with no electricity or running water. For as long as we’re needed, we’ll be there for people facing the greatest challenge of their lives – but we can’t do it without your support. 

You can help provide critical relief like food, shelter, water and more to families affected by disasters like Hurricane Sandy – make a generous gift to support American Red Cross Disaster Relief today. 

This is shaping up to be a massive disaster response effort impacting millions – and it’s only possible because compassionate, thoughtful people like you are willing to pitch in and help. 

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